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DSTU delegation has participated in TACHYwe final conference

The international conference “International Knowledge Exchange on Child and Youth Welfare” was held on 27-29 April at Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Ben-Gurion University of the Negev within the frameworks of «Transnational Academic Careers in Child and Youth Welfare» (TACHYwe).



International education and Tuning Center of DSTU has held an Olympiad in English in cooperation with Rostov-on-Don Information Analytical Center of Education, youth travel agency “STAR Travel”, language center “Language Link” and methodological center for teachers “Global Language Services”.

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Language School launched at DSTU

The Center of International Education and Tuning has launched a Language School at DSTU. The opening ceremony was held in the DSTU Congress-hall with the participation of the DSTU rector B.Ch. Meskhi and the representatives of Rostov-on-Don Information Analysis Centre of Education. In the opening speech, the rector highlighted: “foreign languages learning is essential nowadays and I’m proud of DSTU professors of foreign languages who do their best for our students”. 


Language School opening at DSTU

The Center of International Education and Tuning is opening a Language School at DSTU. The opening ceremony will be held at Congress Hall of the University on the 6th November at 10:00.


DSTU professors of Spanish language attended an advanced training course in Salamanca, Spain

Professors of Spanish language working at the World Languages & Cultures Department Agafonova Nelly and Seninets Maria attended an advanced training course “El Uso de la Tecnología y la Cultura en la Clase de Español” conducting by Academia Mester in Salamanca from 2 to 9 August. Course programme consisted of three units: methodology of Spanish language teaching, using multimedia technologies for teaching, culture and history of Spain. The course has gathered teachers from around the world.


Language school in the summer camp “Rainbow”

International Education and Tuning Center initialized a start-up of language school in the DSTU children camp “Rainbow” at the Black sea shore. Summer language school programme combined high quality language teaching with a full sport and traditional summer camp activities. Campers had opportunities to learn English while they were playing, charting and having fun. Some lessons were devoted to reading a story “Alice in the Wonderland”. In the end of stay, children staged the play. Language school participants left loads of positive feedbacks and most of them are going to come back next year.

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