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DSTU has a wide range of laboratories and research equipment in order to conduct research and measurements.

• Unique installation Nanotest Platform 3 by “Micromaterials”. It has two functional blocks: nanotest and microtest.
Application: it determines the hardness of the material structural units at the nanoscale (the indentation by pendulum measurement).

• Qantron Magellan (Magellan Q8) - optical emission analyzer with vacuum optics by “Bruker”. It determines chemical composition of ferrous alloys (steel and cast iron), copper (bronze, brass, etc.) aluminum (duralumin etc.). The device is equipped with sensors determining the percentage of elements such as carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur, vanadium, tungsten, silicon, manganese, chromium, molybdenum, nickel, aluminum, cobalt, copper, niobium, titanium, tin, boron, iron, zinc, tin, beryllium, magnesium, lead.

• Centrifuge CPS Disk Centrifuge DC24000 is a fast and sensitive colloidal solutions particle size analyzer. The device can dial with particles sized 10 nm - 40 nm. 

• SPM NANOEDUCATOR is a complex of scanning probe microscopes
Nanoeducator (NT-MDT) allows to implement various methods of measurement of the tunneling and "semi-contact" atomic force microscopy and can be used not only for education but for research, for example, in physics and technology investigations of micro and nanostructures, materials science, catalysis, physics and chemistry of polymers, tribology, cytology, etc.
• PHYWE tunneling microscope designed for imaging of conductive surfaces with atomic resolution and studying different effects on the scale of atom size. It can be used to carry out a variety of materials science, physics and chemistry of solids, nanotechnology and quantum mechanics experiments.

It is possible to investigate the microstructure and nanostructure of surfaces, to get images of separated atoms or molecules on the surface, to create nanostructures (including method of self-organization), to investigate the tunnel effect, quasi-particles and the interaction between the molecules.
• graphic arts equipment
• vertical milling machining center
• radio studio
• Equipment for live broadcasts
• vertical milling machine DMC-635V
• scanning tunneling microscope
• tool measurement system