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R&D and Innovation

Our innovative centers ultimately have a combination of IT and software engineers, scientists, researchers and technicians who carry out a full DSTU Research and Development strategy as part of global University Development Programme 2020.

In addition to our R&D centers, we invest in partnerships with educational centers all over the world in order to create the next generation of world-class experts. We have established collaborative partnerships with universities worldwide, investing more than 100 000 € in recent years to support joint programmes at DSTU and partner HEIs.

Active involvement in the work of R&D centers provides students a great chance to start their careers straight from the university and continue work in one of the R&D based partner companies.

Russian-Chinese Center for innovations and high technologies transfer

The center is located both in China (the city of Yantai) and in Russia (Rostov-on-Don, DSTU) and aimed at widening cooperation in the following areas: creation and promotion of high technological products, biomedicine, innovative materials, highly-precise electronic devices, mechatronics, radio electronics, joint developments in aquaculture and joint ventures establishment for sustainable development of national and regional economics.

Mediapark “South Region”

The goal of the project is to provide possibilities needed for innovative region development including: training of creative engineers, managers, IT and media specialists; business incubation.

International educational center ARENA Multimedia

The centre was created by famous Indian corporation Aptech Computer. Graduates of the center can find themselves in the following professions: graphic design, web-design, multimedia programming, 2D and 3D-animation, games development and many others.

Robotics Design and Engineering Park “DSTU-Robotics”

The Park promotes high standards of engineering education; enables students for regional and international R&D projects; hosts annual RoboFest Contest in Russian Federation. Develops competitive and professional competences and provide best practice of business & innovation training model implementation. All activities are based on strong collaboration between DSTU and MIT Group of institutions in India and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

Innovative technological center of engineering education “MESO-bureau”

The MESO-bureau was established as a joint laboratory of Don State Technical University and the Rostov Oncologic Research Institute in the framework of Tempus IV project “Modernization of two cycles (MA, BA) of competence-based curricula in Material Engineering according to the best experience of Bologna Process - MMATENG”. The center provides knowledge and services to help researchers to transfer nanomaterials from the laboratory into approved clinical trials.