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17 June 2020
On June, 16 - 17, 2020, DSTU held the international scientific conference "Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving in Technical Systems" EETS-2020. The head of the organizing Committee of the conference was DSTU rector Besarion Meskhi.
The conference was attended by about 200 people from 8 countries: Russia, Belarus, Vietnam, Iran, Serbia, Turkey, USA, South Korea. The scientific event united the Le Quy Don Technical University (Vietnam, Hanoi), University of Kragujevac (Čačak, Serbia), University of Tehran (Tehran, Iran) and other universities.
– The conference was held for the second time, so it will become an annual event. The number of participants is growing and geography is expanding. The conference 2020 was held online, but its quality did not degrade from this. Next year, I will be happy to see you all at DSTU, –said head of DSTU Department of Scientific Research, Deputy Chairman of the conference organizing committee Maxim Minkin.
EETS-2020 is aimed at developing international mobility and cooperation between DSTU and foreign universities.
– The great importance of the conference is its interdisciplinarity, the ability to compare and understand approaches of different scientific groups and schools, different universities, different countries, different scientific directions to solving energy efficiency and energy conservation problems. This is the main goal and unifying mission, – said the head of DSTU Department "Automation of Production Processes", scientific secretary of EETS-2020 Alexander Lukyanov.
The conference was held in the format of two sections dedicated to highlighting the achievements of energy efficiency and energy saving indicators through the implenentation of automation systems (section 1) and the use of modern and effective algorithms for processing data and measurement results (section 2). The sections were led by well- known scientists-Vilor Zakorotniy and Vladimir Marchuk.
The reports will be published in the proceedings under the auspices of the IOP web platform and indexed in the Scopus and WoS databases.