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18 July 2019
On July, 18, 2019 young entrepreneurs from Tangshan city arrived at the Flagship university within the frameworks of the project on sharing experiences “Russian-Chinese youth business incubator”. They provided information on business running in China and learned about key innovative projects of DSTU.
The staruppers were met by head of Pedagogical work and youth policy Administration Andrey Guskov, head of international partnership and protocol center Alina Viniskaya and expert of joint RDI laboratory DSTU and Rostov Cancer-research institute “Engineering technologies in medicine” Sergey Chapek. During the round table discussion running they presented key DSTU activities in education, science and international cooperation.
This visit of Tangshan delegation is the second milestone of the business incubator. Rostov entrepreneurs have already undergone a training on business running in China and met Chinese investors in the beginning of July.
Russian-Chinese youth business incubator is a unique project on experience sharing which enables to bring Russian projects to the Chinese market and encourage investments into the Russian economy.
The project was launched in 2016 initiated by Federal Agency on Youth Affairs and Russian Youth Union jointly with All-Chinese Youth Federation. The incubator project is composed of two parts: a Russian and Chinese ones, 10 days long each. The project participants are young entrepreneurs aged of 18 to 35 years old.