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19 April 2019
Erasmus + EurDiQ project Monitoring at Financial University
Monitoring of Erasmus+ project "European Dimension in Qualifications for the Tourist Sector" (EURDIQ) was held on April 09, 2019 at Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation (Moscow, Russia).
Main objectives of the monitoring were to assess implementation, to receive the information on project achievements and to get acquainted with the project environment in a large context. The participants discussed key aspects of the project realization, current project results and achievements at the partner institutions.
Monitoring was carried out by Anna Muraveva, Deputy National Coordinator of Erasmus + office in the Russian Federation. During the event, a welcome speech was made by Financial University representatives Alexander Linnikov, Vice-rector for international cooperation, and Ekaterina Kameneva, Vice-rector for education programs development, and Marina Gunare, grant holder (Baltic International Academy, Latvia) representative.
Within the monitoring framework working group leaders represented their reports: "EurDiQ project accomplishment: Financial University Report"  (Liliya Prikhodko, Head of International Relations Department),  "Project results: qualification framework and occupational standards", "Project management and Quality Control" (Elena Vasilieva, Saint Petersburg State University of Economics), "Master Degree in Tourism, Strategy & Leadership: curriculum, program guide and manual" (Irina Makovskaya, Russian State University of Tourism and Service), "Destination Development Module presentation" (Sergey Ilkevich, Financial University, Department of Management), "Project dissemination. Learning platform" (Elena Сhеrnуshеvа, Don State Technical University).
A.Muraveva evaluated the project realization at the partner universities according to the following criteria: relevance and design quality of the application, effectiveness of implementation, impact of the project, potential contribution and sustainable development.