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3 марта 2021
Don State Technical University will train engineers and programmers specializing in the segment of breeding and seed technology on the target applications of Wintersteiger AG. The cooperation agreement was signed on February, 25, 2021 by DSTU rector Besarion Meskhi and the regional director of the Austrian company, Petr Elizarov.
One of the key areas of Wintersteiger AG is production of breeding and seed-growing machinery and equipment. Students enrolled in the company's target programmes will learn how to develop technical solutions to increase the productivity of machine and tractor units, apply modern digital technologies in agriculture.

The training will be held at departments "Engineering and Maintenance of Transporting and Manufacturing Systems" and "Technologies and Equipment for Agricultural Products Processing" of the Faculty "Agribusiness".

– Our company will offer students an internship in the machinery workshops in Moscow and Zernograd, in the service department, which is engaged in the development of innovative solutions and new combines. Our Moscow branch has recently started production of the breeding grain-harvesting combine "Delta", and we need students who are ready to offer engineering solutions for import substitution of a wide range of parts, to conduct engine tests, as part of their research and practical work, -  said Petr Elizarov. – We are ready to consider student developments aimed at improving and modernizing production, with their subsequent implementation at the company's production facilities.

Wintersteiger AG will provide employees, postgraduates and students of DSTU with the opportunity to participate in control measurements, tests and experiments conducted by divisions and workshops on the company territory. Students of the faculty "Agribusiness" will undergo practical training at Wintersteiger AG, they will write diploma papers and dissertations, conduct researches based on the existing production of the Austrian company.
Also, the signed agreement gives the company access to the intellectual potential of DSTU: its specialists will be involved in the process of scientific research and technical development carried out at the university.

- The agreement with Wintersteiger AG is an important step in the development of relations with agricultural enterprises. I am sure that Wintersteiger AG will help students to gain valuable experience and acquire unique skills, –said Besarion Meskhi.