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2 June 2020
During the interregional conference of Russian and Uzbek universities rectors, rector of Don State Technical University Besarion Meskhi spoke about the interaction with partner universities in the field of education, science and technology.
Rector noted that today 187 students fr om Uzbekistan study at DSTU, joint degree programmes are implemented in mechanical engineering, maintenance of agricultural machinery, textile technologies, joint patents are obtained and the first stage of "Digital school" project is successfully completed, wh ere more than 7,000 schoolchildren from Russia and Uzbekistan participated.
Rector's participation in the First Russian-Uzbek Educational Forum promoted new forms of interaction and increased number of DSTU partners in the Republic of Uzbekistan. DSTU intends to develop a partnership with the Republic in the field of media and telecommunications.
- DSTU as the leading flagship university of the South of Russia effectively provides personnel for agricultural machinery enterprises. So, the planned opening of branch in Tashkent meets the requirements of machine-building enterprises engineers training in Uzbekistan. The signing of the agreement on opening a branch between the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Tashkent State University,  Uzagrotehsanoatholding and DSTU will take place during the Second Russian-Uzbek Educational Forum.
On May, 27, 2020, state authorities representatives and universities rectors of two countries in the remote mode summed up the interim results of the practical implementation of bilateral agreements in scientific and educational spheres and identified new promising areas and formats of cooperation.
As a result of the interregional online conference, rectors plan to adopt a final resolution that will allow them to reinforce Russian-Uzbek links in the field of higher education and science.