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16 мая 2022
DSTU demonstrated performance at a high level in all sectors of the ranking and left behind all scientific and educational organizations of the Southern Federal District of Russia. In 2022, 99 universities from the Russian Federation are included in the rankings. Overall, over 4000 higher educational institutions and scientific organizations from all over the world are included in the rankings.
DSTU entered in all 12-subject rankings published by SCImago Lab Company. The highest growth of university indicators is shown in the "Environmental Sciences" subject ranking: DSTU is ranked 195 in 2022 while in previous year the university was 529.  
DSTU growth among Russian universities has amounted to 29 points: 6th rank this year and 35th rank - a year earlier. DGTU showed positive dynamics in other subject rankings: "Sciences about Earth" - the 105th position in the world, "Energy" - the 217th rank, "Chemistry" - the 417th rank, "Business, management and accounting" - the 764th rank, "Computer sciences" - the 651st rank, "Engineering" - the 460th rank, "Mathematics" - the 573rd rank, "Physics and astronomy" - the 513th rank. DSTU first entered the subject ranking "Psychology" and took 694th place in the world.
DSTU is ranked 659th position in world the ranking, while in previous year the university was only on the 790th position. Thus, DSTU is up to 31 points. In university rankings, DSTU takes 21st position while in 2021 the university took 38th rank. According to the overall rankings among the scientific and educational organizations of the Southern Federal District, DSTU is the best university, said head of the international resources center Konstantin Polyakov.
For the first time DSTU entered the first quartile (Q1) in world rankings and in all three areas of the rankings: "Research", "Innovation" and "Influence on society".
The university took 14th rank among the Russian universities and 362nd rank among world educational organizations in the “Research” sector whereas in 2021 DSTU took 411th rank among world universities. The high productivity of research activities allowed DSTU to enter Q1 of the world rankings.
In the "Innovation" direction the flagship university took 34th position among the Russian universities and 435th in world rankings. Tough in 2021 DSTU was in 535th position. Thus, over the year, our university improves its positions in over 100 points. DSTU entered the Q1 of the world ranking due to Research & Development of the corresponding world level.
In the "Influence on society" section, DSTU took 21st rank among Russian universities and 245th rank over world best universities. Intensive publishing activity and availability of a significant number of documents with open access, as well as the high intensity of interaction with the academic community on the Internet contributed to the inclusion of the flagship university in Q1 of the world ranking.
SCImago Institutions Rankings is a scientific resource for the evaluation of universities and scientific organizations around the world. It is developed by SCImago Lab based on the international database of scientific citation Scopus.
Academic and research-related institutions ranked by a composite indicator that combines three different sets of indicators based on research performance, innovation outputs and societal impact measured by their web visibility. Some indicators are not affected by the number of students, scientists and teachers, the size of the campus, which equalizes the chances of entering the ranking of different scale universities.