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31 августа 2022
Sixth edition of the Three University Missions Moscow ranking 2022 released. Don State Technical University is included in the group 1501–1650 in the world ranking and in the group 87–112 among Russian universities.
This year, the Moscow International University Ranking “The Three University Missions” included 1800 higher education institutions (HEIs) compared to previous year 2021, when the ranking included 1650 HEIs only.
“DSTU keeps its position despite increase in quantity of participating higher education institutions”, said head of the International Resources Center Konstantin Polyakov. “It became possible due to high level of publication activity, which shows high-quality of research activities in the university”. Another important indicators for DSTU are availability of online-education and percentage of foreign students among all students.
The Moscow International University Ranking is essentially new academic ranking, it assesses higher education institutions according to the three traditional missions of universities: education, scientific research and interaction with society.
Information sources include open access data from official websites of universities and national authorities, as well as data obtained from independent international sources, such as: bibliometric data provider Clarivate Analytics; largest online course platform aggregator “Class Central”; mass education platforms Open Education (Russia) and icourse163.org (China); free content, multilingual online encyclopedia Wikipedia; search engines (Google, Yandex, Baidu); social networks (Facebook, Twitter, VK, Sina Weibo); Alexa — one of the world leaders in web-analytics; and international student competition websites and scientific awards from the IREG List of International Academic Awards.
The ranking was founded by the Russian Union of Rectors in accordance with the order of Russian president Vladimir Putin. The Association of Rating Makers (ARM) was chosen as its operator. ARM members include leading rating and research centers (Expert RA, VCIOM, Reputatsiya, etc.).
For more information, please, go to the official ranking website https://mosiur.org.