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2 September 2020
Don State Technical University was ranked 1401-1500 in the world ranking and 87-101 among Russian universities according to MosIUR.
"The Three University Missions" ranking in 2020 became the most representative ranking in the world – the list of 1,500 universities was published for the first time. The ranking includes universities from 97 countries, including 101 Russian universities.

– High ranking was given to DSTU on such indicatons as the presence of foreign students and professors, publication activities and citations rate, openness to academic and wider society, a significant number of subscribers in social networks of the university, - said the head of the resource center for international activities of DSTU Konstantin Polyakov.

Moscow International University Ranking is a fundamentally new academic ranking, the first to evaluate all the three key university missions: education, research, and interaction with society. The ranking uses a number of new criteria calculated on the basis of objective data, and does not use any subjective reputation surveys. The initiative of creating the ranking has been supported by leading universities of Russia, China, India, Iran, Japan, and Turkey. The ranking expert council brings together 25 experts from 16 countries.

Sources of information were open data, official websites of universities and national authorities, data from independent international sources: Clarivate Analytics (supplier data and metrics from InCites and Global Institutional Profiles Project (GIPP)); an online platform for mass education Coursera and edX; public multilingual universal encyclopedia "Wikipedia"; search engines Google, Yandex, Baidu; social networking Facebook, Twitter, VK, Sina Weibo; websites of students international Olympiads; websites of scientific awards from the IREG List of International Academic Awards.

More information about the ranking is available on the website https://raex-rr.com.