8 800100-19-30
8 July 2019
Students of King Juan Carlos University, making their studies in the areas of “Aircraft engineering” and “Biotechnical systems and technologies”, will do an internship during 2 months at the flagship university. From July, 8 to September, 9 the Spanish students will visit leading enterprises of the Rostov region and DSTU scientific laboratories.
The internship program being realized within the project “Academic mobility development” of EU Erasmus+ programme, has been developed taking into account area of the students’ studies. The students making their studies in the area of “Aircraft engineering” will do their internship at the corresponding department of DSTU, will visit a museum of Rostvertol Company and have a meeting with the enterprise staff. The students making their studies in the area of “Biotechnical systems and technologies” will do their internship in the R&D laboratory “Engineering technologies in medical industry” (joint venture of DSTU and Rostov Cancer Research Institute) where researches are done in the field of new technologies for prototyping in engineering and medicine.
The Spanish students say that they plan to have new knowledge and gain practice, to visit the regional enterprises, to meet culture and traditions of Russia, to learn Russian.
For information:
King Juan Carlos University (Spanish: Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, URJC) is a leading Spanish public research university located in the southern area of the Community of Madrid (Spain), established in 1996 году. There are 42 500 students from 85 countries.
Cooperation between DSTU and URJC started in 2008. Nowadays the universities cooperate in the following domains:
– student exchanges (each year up to 10 DSTU students study in the Spanish university within the programmes Munde and Erasmus+ “Academic mobility” in the following areas: “Business administration”, “Information systems” and “Telecommunications” in English and Spanish);
– joint participation in calls for funding of EU programmes TEMPUS IV and Erasmus+;
– joint publications.