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29 сентября 2020
On September 21, 2020, DSTU International Faculty launched the project  "Off-campus pre-degree Russian language course". More than 100 foreign citizens from 15 countries have started their studies.
"Off-campus pre-degree Russian language course" is an international model for foreign citizens training with supplementary general education study programs.
These courses may be interesting for those who do not speak Russian and plan to master professional programmes in Russian. The courses are implemented in two forms: online and part-time ones using electronic study format and distance learning technologies. Our study programme bases on country and regional specifics, time zones shifts and ICT Development Index of students’ host countries.
– One of the project features is a wider coverage of target audience. These are both school pupils and graduates who can study in their country and at DSTU at the same time. Also we also train graduates of higher education programmes who need to improve their Russian language profiency to a higher level, use it in their professional activities, – says Dean of International faculty Nina Novikova.
The study process is realized via information and analytical platform "SKIF.INTERNATIONAL" according to the state standards and requirements to foreign citizens training. Our academic staff delivers lectures using manuals developed by high experienced teachers, we include AR elements for a deeper immersion in the Russian language during studies. This format makes training much more flexible, the foreign citizens study according to personalized learning paths lasting from 10 to 18 months.
All the students are in constant contact with the tutor. Students can get online consultations on all their questions at any time, both in Russian and in the intermediary language. Academicians of the faculty speak several foreign languages: English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese and are ready to support students in mastering programmes.