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27 June 2019
Within three weeks students from China will study the Russian language.
On June, 28, 2019, the Summer Language School was opened at DSTU. This year, the participants are more than 50 third-year students fr om Shandong Transport University, who study at the joint study programme STU-DSTU "Organization of Transportation and Road Transport Management" and plan to pursue their studies DSTU Master programmes.
Lectures will be delivered by professors of the Department "Russian as a foreign language". Education will include in-depth study of the Russian language, a visit to the Department "Organization of transport and road traffic" and learning the infrastructure facilities related to vehicles operation.
– Learning Russian in Russia is an extremely important stage of study. Further students results depend on the level of language adoption. For example, students will be able to catch the lectures on, delivered by our professors in STU, more efficiently, – said head of the Department Vladimir Ziryanov.
Summer Linguistic School will last till July, 17, 2019. The second part of the School will take place in DSTU summer camp “Raduga” wh ere the Chinese students will have practical activities.