8 800100-19-30
25 октября 2021
In order to reduce the risks of the epidemiological situation in Rostov region, related to the spread of the COVID-19, DSTU changes study format to mainly distance learning from October, 25 to October, 30.
The study programs are being delivered in distance learning format in accordance with the recommendations of the Ministry of Science and Higher education of the Russian Federation and the decree of the Government of the Rostov region for all forms of higher and vocational education.
The electronic information and educational environment (eiee) of the university, as well as third-party educational platforms and sowtware applications, are fully involved into the training process.
Interim certification will be held using distance learning technologies. Students' internships and interaction with representatives of employers will be organized mainly in a distance form.
At the time of distance learning format, students are recommended to keep in touch with the heads of the groups for receiving new information from deans of faculties.
The rules for organizing the study process using distance learning technologies are posted in the students' personal accounts at DSTU website.
DSTU administration kindly asks students and media representatives not to spread the information posted anywhere other than the official information resources of the university. As with any contingency, if you turn to questionable sources, chances are high that you will be contributing to the spread of fake news.
More information about distance learning format at DSTU can be found in the order of the rector no. 999-a dated October 22, 2021.