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12 января 2022
In the new academic year, DSTU will provide new Bachelor's and Master's degrees, taking into account current demands of the labor market.
The "Agribusiness" faculty will deliver the "Landscape architecture" (35.03.10) programme. The graduates will be able to apply landscape design tools for a comfortable urban environment creation. Students will master methods of space organization and it will enable them to design territories, develop "green infrastructure" for favorable life in cities.
The Department of Engineering and Computer Graphics opens laboratories with modern software for 3D modeling and prototyping, as well as complex mathematical and engineering calculations: Siemens NX, Kompas 3D, ANSIS, SolidWorks, ArchiCad, 3DsMax, AutoCAD, SketchUp, etc.
Students will gain experience in the field of landscape design, gardening art, monitoring of the plantings state, managing systems of green areas in natural and urbanized landscapes.
One of the most developing faculties of DSTU is «Bioengineering and Veterinary Medicine». Next academic year, the faculty will enroll students into the Bachelor’s degree programme «Hunting knowledge, Cynology and Zoo business» (03.03.02).
Hunter is a specialist in hunting farms who knows the basics of veterinary medicine and animal rehabilitation, masters the methods of biotechnology and wildfowl breeding. Hunting experts are engaged in account keeping of commercial livestock, protecting hunting grounds, fighting predators, suppressing poaching, and controlling huntsmen. This type of work is in demand by state supervisory authorities and environmental organizations, which are responsible for the conservation and development of natural resources.
Cynologist is a specialist in breeding and raising dogs. The main duties of a cynologist depend on specializations such as a handler, an expert canine handler, an instructor, a groomer, a tamer, a nutritionist.
Zoo business is a programme profile which trains students to be universal specialists deeply versed in the physiological and mental needs of any animals and who are able to provide proper level of animals well-being. The basis of training is scientific knowledge of keeping animals in captivity, obtaining professional skills and business qualities necessary for the successful implementation of caring for animals in zoos and aquariums.
Moreover, in 2022-2023 academic year, the applicants will have an opportunity to be enrolled into the Master's degree programme «Veterinary and Sanitary Expertise» (36.04.01) in the profile of «Sanitary Expertise, Clinical and Laboratory Diagnostics in Veterinary Medicine». This programme is aimed at biologists who would like to be employed in the field of in veterinary medicine. After graduation, they will be able to work in veterinary laboratories and clinics.
Several new directions will be related to the specialists training in creative professions. The fundamental difference of these degree programmes from the other ones is that DSTU provides students with the opportunity to form personalized learning paths. It means students will determine their profile of training and choose one or another elective discipline.
Since the first day, the training process will be organized according to the principle of practical orientation: 80 creative teams work on the basis of DSTU, there is DSTU Concert Hall which is the largest one in Rostov equipped with necessary infrastructure (musical instruments, sound-amplifying systems, recording equipment, choreographic classes etc.). It is also planned to create a youth variety theater.
The «Media Communications and Multimedia Technologies» faculty will start to train students in such areas as: «Folk Artistic Culture», «Social and Cultural Activities» and «Musical Variety Art». The programmes are targeted at schools and colleges graduates planning to obtain higher education in those specializations.
The students enrolled in the new Bachelor’s degree programme "Folk Artistic Culture (51.03.02) can choose one of the training profiles:
1) Management of a film, photo and video studio: the programme is supervised by the Dean of the «Media Communications and Multimedia Technologies» Faculty, PhD, Associate Professor Denis Dubover. The main goal of the program is to train students to create a unique creative product, to be able to present it and develop it further with the help of modern technologies. The university has created the Media Park film set with cutting-edge equipment, an Animation Technopark «Magika» equipped with specialized computers and software, Motion Capture equipment, as well as a «TEFI School» and co-working space for the animation content.
2) Choreographic team management: this is an author's programme created under the guidance of producer and pop singer, honored artist of the Russian Federation Anita Tsoi. Students will gain knowledge in the field of leadership of choreographic groups (children, young people and amateurs), as well as master the skills of management, producing, art projects management.
3) Amateur theater management: The program is developed at the request of the Ministry of Culture of the Rostov Region. Its goal is to prepare a multidisciplinary specialist with knowledge in the field of directing, acting and scriptwriting. Students will learn how traditional and experimental theater works, they will understand the peculiarities of theatrical formats: STEM, street, puppetry, folklore, musical, etc. The emphasis in the study process is made on practical exercises, development and implementation of students’ own projects.
For the students dreaming of a career as a pop artist, DSTU offers training profiles "Musical show programs" and "Tools of a pop artist" (53.03.01).
Graduates will be able to work in creative teams and perform solo activities in the field of mass musical culture in various genres (jazz, pop, rock, musical, rap). They will have competencies in producing their own projects and in teaching activities in various educational organizations.
Applicants can choose the learning profiles: a piano, a guitar, a bass guitar, a double bass, a saxophone, a trumpet, a trombone, percussion instruments, a violin, an accordion.
Students will be able to get a Bachelor's degree in the "Social and cultural activities" programme, and then to be enrolled into the Master's degree programme in the profile of "Management of creative industries". The goal of the program is to train specialists in the field of art management, production and leadership of creative teams.
More information about the degree programs is available at the University Admission Committee.