8 800100-19-30
8 ноября 2021
Distance learning at DSTU is continued since 8 November. DSTU rector Besarion Meskhi signed the order specifying the algorithm of the university's work in order to reduce the COVID-19 wide spreading the in Rostov region.
Higher, secondary and additional education programs will be implemented using the whole range of online technologies and e-learning applications. The electronic information and educational environment of the university, as well as third-party educational platforms and software applications are fully involved into the training process. Interim certification will be held using distance learning technologies.
At the same time, the heads of educational departments responsible for the implementation of study programs retain the right to conduct face-to-face classes "in cases where the components of the study program require the mandatory availability of an educational laboratory or other technical facilities."
Students have the opportunity to switch to an individual curriculum if necessary.
The rules for organizing the study process using distance learning will be available in the students' personal account at my.e.donstu.ru.
Awareness-raising activities on the prevention of new coronavirus infection will be continued by DSTU for students and university employees.