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15 March 2019
Don State Technical University and Shandong Transport University start a new higher education in China – "Don Institute STU-DSTU". Chinese students can be awarded official Russian and Chinese higher education diplomas. The Institute will be opened in June 2019.
Cooperation between Shandong province and Rostov region universities lasts for many years. The new educational platform development took three years.
- Project defense took place in October 2018 in the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China. The fact that our application has been selected is a great pleasure and pride for us, – said DSTU rector Besarion Meskhi. - The Institute establishing will provide an opportunity to train highly qualified professionals for China. We hope that Russian students will also study there and get a double degree.
Foreign students will study civil engineering and traffic management. Unique study programmes that meet requirements and standards of both countries have been developed for Don Institute.
- "Don Institute STU-DSTU" is the highest form of cooperation in educational activities. Only two universities in China received permission to create such institutions in 2018, – said Director of Institute of International Education of Shandong Transport University, Director of Don Institute STU-DSTU  Shang Yue. - There are more than 20 universities in Shandong province, and Don Institute is the first having such a high status.
According to the Chinese delegation, Don Institute STU-DSTU establishing will develop cooperation between universities in education, technology, science and humanitarian relations.