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5 April 2019
Professor of the University of Sydney, head of the DSTU laboratory of biocompatible materials mechanics Michael Swain told about his path to the study of biomaterials and intersection scope of his scientific interests.
During the lecture "Biomedical engineering and interdisciplinary research: exciting but challenging opportunities" Michael Swain shared his research experience in the field of orthopedics and dentistry, told about projects in bioengineering. Professor also touched on zirconium ceramics in medicine.
–The last decade there has been a significant scientific and technological interest in ceramics containing zirconium dioxide (ZrO2). The reason is the material`s high strength and toughness. Despite the fact that zirconium is difficult to use, it has impressive capabilities for medical and dental industries – it is multifunctional, biocompatible, aesthetic and corrosion-resistant, – said Michael Swain.
Also, Professor said that a unique study course will be launched at DSTU in September. 15 best pre-selected students from various departments will participate in the DSTU laboratory of biocompatible materials mechanics activities. The students work will be supervised by Michael Swain and DSTU scientists.
Michael Swain is a world-renowned scientist who has made a significant contribution to the development of modern ceramic materials.
In January 2018, Professor headed the DSTU laboratory of biocompatible materials mechanics created for the implementation of the Russian Government megagrant.