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Sports and Healthcare

DSTU Sports Park is a modern complex for physical activities, built according to international standards of quality and excellence, using the most advanced construction techniques.

Equipped for the practice of numerous sports, the Park offers excellent facilities in the multi-sport complex and sports stadium. It serves the university community and general public, welcoming people of all ages. With comprehensive infrastructure in terms of space, equipment and support services, Sports Park hosts many national and international events.

Our students can attend DSTU Sports and Recreation Center “Univer” with a full range of exercise equipment and professional trainers. The 6-lane swimming pool is available for our students and citizens and is considered to be one of the best in Rostov. The biggest in our region athletic training hall with sports grounds and table tennis rooms is open for individual and group trainings all year round. There is also an outdoor stadium with professional football field, open air grounds for tennis, volleyball and race tracks.

We provide our students with modern health care and emergency medical services. The Medical Center includes therapists, ophthalmologist, dentists, trauma specialists and others.

Real Madrid-DSTU Academy

In 2013 fostering social values of solidarity, fellowship, tolerance and participation, we started to host “Real Madrid Academy” – a sports school for children from disadvantaged backgrounds. This is an ideal venue for the sports education of children and teenagers and a great tool for effective socialization and young people personal development support. In 2015 DSTU-Real Madrid pupils won the annual international football competition “ALMA” organized and funded by Real Madrid Foundation.


Swimming pool “Univer”

Based at the university campus, the pool allows good flexibility for our students and staff in terms of timetable and location. We offer a wide range of activities available such as swimming lessons, lifeguarding courses, aqua fit classes, water polo sessions and others. As well as serving the needs of DSTU community, the swimming pool also welcomes citizens and guests of our city.


Gym “Atlant”

DSTU is committed to providing students, staff and members of our local communities with high quality sports facilities and opportunities to get active. Whether you take part in organised activities or independent exercise, our sports services provide a great way to meet people, get connected and achieve a needed level of fitness and general well-being.


Aeronautics club “Don Sky”

The goal of our club is to promote aerostat sport and to represent DSTU at national and international competitions. The course consists of theoretical and practical parts. Students are taught how to canvas units, moor and of course control aerostats in the sky.


Yacht Club “Tikhiy Don”

DSTU is famous for participation and popularization of yachting sports. The university has several yacht clubs at the River Don and the Azov Sea and always attracts new students desired to sail a yacht.


Horse-riding club “Knight's move”

The first university horse-riding club in Rostov region invites you to study different kinds of horse riding: show jumping, dressing-out and endurance riding.


Sport and healthcare complex “Raduga”

The student summer complex “Raduga” is located at the sunny the Black sea shore in a quiet setting of green parks. The complex has well-equipped beach, cafes, sport grounds, concert stage, disco bar and provides guests with different kinds of recreational, touristic and healthcare activities. The “Raduga” complex offers a unique chance to combine comfortable accommodation and entertainment with educational activity to get ready for new academic year.



Touristic camp at the Don riverside

The camp provides all facilities needed for excellent recreation of students and university staff in the suburb of Rostov. The camp has a sandy beach, comfortable rooms, a children’s playground, play-fields for beach volleyball and shady arbours.


Athletic stadium

Being one of the best roofed running complexes in Rostov region DSTU athletic stadium is a right site for playing tennis, weight lifting, aerobics and artistic gymnastics.


Health camp “Zarya”

The university staff and retirees undergo preventative treatment in cardiology, neurology, gastroenterology and orthopaedics.

Medical centers

DSTU medical centers are well-equipped to carry out a wide range of disease-preventive and curative services for our students in such areas as ophthalmology, dentology, ear-nose-throat therapy and chiropractory.

Football ground

DSTU football ground.