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Entertainment and Social life

DSTU - a friendly, student-centred place to study

We believe that social life is one of the important parts of university life. DSTU is not only the place to study and research, but also to relax, to have fun, to make new friends and to grow personally. We organize various activities making our students’ social life diverse and intensive. Through regular socializing, students develop lifelong connections that pay off often long after leaving the classroom. That is why students’ off-class life is our special interest and care.

DSTU unions and communities represent the social and academic interests of our students and participate actively in the university governance. These organizations are students’ official voice on campus and are the focal point of student social life at our university. In addition to helping international students get settled during the first weeks, they arrange parties with live bands, run sport programmes, organize orchestras and theatre groups, arrange backpacking in the mountains.

Getting involved with your student union is a great way to meet friends and broaden your social circle, either through participating in activities or becoming involved in running the union itself.

Our social responsibility

  • Employment and Career promotion center
  • Alumni Association
  • Student volunteers union “Burning hearts”
  • Lifeguard and fire rescue teams “Donskoy” and “Morskoy”
  • Construction team “Gagarin”
  • Ecological team “Eco-forum”
  • Club of historical research “Doblest”
  • Agricultural club “Don”
  • Pedagogical team “The Little Prince”
  • “Patriotic center”
  • Hospitality and service teams “5 stars” and “Ritm”
  • Fish-farming club “Don fish”
  • Psychological counselling service


  • Dance club “Dance Master”
  • Alumni Association
  • Rostov TV School “TEFI”
  • Humor Contest Club “KVN”
  • Theatre studio “Bravo”
  • Language school
  • Driving school
  • Photo studio

Mass media

  • “Zachetnoye radio”
  • Student magazine “+1”
  • “DSTU-TV”

Student volunteers union “Burning hearts”

The union carries out many volunteer activities in the following areas: leadership and psychological support of minor pupils from residential treatment centres and orphan homes; charity funding; prevention of different kinds of addiction; promotion of healthy lifestyle; support of senior citizens, veterans and people with different kinds of disabilities; participation in social events.


Lifeguard and fire rescue teams “Donskoy” and “Morskoy”

The team “Donskoy” voluntarily help people in case of emergencies such as fire, flood, building collapse and others. The “Morskoy” team members are trained to prevent water accidents and go to the campuses at the Black Sea and the river Don to practise the gained skills and to spend summer holidays in a useful manner.


Alumni Association

DSTU alumni association comprises more than 100 000 graduates. The association tends to consolidate the community and provide networking opportunities for current students, graduates, employers and DSTU staff. The association enables alumni to keep in touch with the university and other graduates in various ways.


“Zachetnoye radio”

Like most student radio stations, “Zachetnoe radio” is run entirely by students studying at DSTU. The station makes its broadcasting during the brakes and presents a good plenty of radio entertainment shows, news, dialogs with interesting guests and music.


Student magazine “+1”

“+1” is the magazine about students and their life inside and outside of DSTU. Looking-up the magazine you will be aware about DSTU news and announces, read interviews with interesting people from art, business, medicine and other areas, follow the most interesting photos posted in DSTU groups in social mass media.



DSTU-TV is the student run television station. We’re a team of students who work together to produce interesting, original and entertaining programmes. We do our best to produce a wide range of shows for our students, university staff and guests. Our team creates news reports, talk and comedy shows, sport events, documentary and entertaining programs.


“Rostov TV School “TEFI”

TEFI enables pupils of high schools and students to attend study courses and to try themselves as TV newsmen, operators, directors, reporters and actors. It is a good opportunity to get the first experience for those who want to work in TV industry.

Employment and Career promotion center

The center aims to increase collaboration between DSTU and labour market. The specialists in our center design new courses and study materials and update the existing ones according to the needs and trends in labour market. The center has established many long-term partnership agreements with leading Russian companies to provide students a number of internships and other career possibilities.


“Patriotic center”

The centre forms ethical and patriotic thinking among the students and brings up loyal and active citizens who will be ready to serve their motherlands.

Construction team “Gagarin”

The team members work at construction sites all over Russia and get practical skills in this way.

Humor Contest Club “KVN”

KVN club members organize well-known Rostov-on-Don, South Region and national comedy shows and competitions and prepare DSTU teams for participation in these activities at national level.


Theatre studio “Bravo”

Theatre studio “Bravo” headed by a famous Russian artist Anita Tsoy, carries on educational activities for future actors, singers, dancers, models and image makers.


Driving school

We offer driving classes for our trainees at our campus at convenient timetable which saves time and enables DSTU students and staff to get the driving licence along with the formal education.

Photo studio

Our studio provides as a very broad range of services including individual and group photo sessions, wedding and events photography, editing and customization.

Language school

Our school offers various languages to study: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic. The classes could be group and individual in both on site and online forms.

Fish-farming club “Don fish”

We are proud to breed successfully such rare fish species as Russian sturgeon, brook trout and starlet.


Ecological team “Eco-forum”

Eco-forum is a students’ community involved with ecological problems prevention and solving and environment protection activities.


Historical research club “Doblest”

Our club “Doblest” carries out such activities as taking part in WW II deceased remains search, electronic database design of solders killed or missed and assistance in searching for relatives of WW II participants.


Agricultural club “Don”

Our team takes part in harvesting in the South of Russia. The students acquire practical skills in combine harvester driving, maintenance and repair.


Pedagogical team “The Little Prince”

Members of our team have graduated from Camp Counselor School and work at the Black and Azov seas seashores providing pedagogical support to children by organizing their out-of-school activities.


Hospitality and service teams “5 stars” and “Ritm”

The teams work in service industry at DSTU Congress Hall and Sport and healthcare complex “Raduga”.

Dance club “Dance Master”

“Dance Master” have been the finalist of various students’ competitions many times. The main activities we offer are dancing classes, workshops and social events and competitions.


Cheerleaders Team GRAND

“Team GRAND” have been the finalist of various students’ competitions many times. In the cheerleading schools of Rostov-on‑Don classes are held in closed groups, which are formed depending on the age and level of physical fitness of athletes.


Don Cossack Meseum

We invite you to get acquainted with the unique expo- sition in Russia. The fate of the three glorious Don Cossack units of the Russian Imperial Guard will appear before you through original documents, photographs, uniforms, weap- ons and equipment that were not presented to the general public before now.