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Campus infrastructure

We believe that development of new technologies gives us an unprecedented opportunities to transform the learning experience for our students. Creation of supporting infrastructure is one of important elements in our strategy. Infrastructure at DSTU is carefully developed in response to student and faculty needs and ensures that there are no boundaries between the discovery, transfer and application of knowledge.

DSTU campuses are designed to support intensive academic study and promote shared learning among a diverse student community. Together, they comprise over 25 hectares of built up area and open grounds adapted for reduced mobility people. We are committed to provide barrier-free environment which is the core principle of our infrastructure organization.

All our campuses incorporate infrastructure that matches the best in the country – ensuring that students have everything they need for a rich, stimulating campus life. The classrooms are planned to maximize light and space and students have access to the latest computing and research facilities. Be it cutting-edge laboratories for our medical students, fully equipped workshops for our engineering students or a compact hotel on campus to aid the Hotel Management course – we endeavor to develop and provide supporting infrastructure everywhere. Outside the classroom, secure hostels and modern cafeterias provide comfortable on-campus living, while excellent sports and recreation facilities give every student the opportunity to explore and develop their potential.

We are especially proud of our 8 hostels which offer comfortable living for 4 000 students. The student campus is the winner in the Russian national contest “The best student hostel”.

The main university campus is located in the green area in the heart of Rostov on-Don and offers wide range of facilities to satisfy various interests and needs. The biggest Congress hall in Rostov provides all kinds of MICE facilities with its Concert hall for 1500 seats, Press conference hall and 20 multimedia rooms for breakout sessions equipped with top-level equipment for presentations and multi-language broadcasting.


Download the map in high resolution

Download the map in high resolution