8 800100-19-30


1 DISCIPLINE - Complex economic analysis of firms foreign trade activities
3 Profile - The world economy and international business
4 Qualification (degree) - Master
5 Mode of study - Full-time
6 Overall workload (ECTS) - 4
7 Semester - 1st 
8 Module type - Compulsory
9 Summative assessment - test / written examination
10 Aims
The discipline aims students to obtain a holistic view on economic analysis as the most important tool of organizations management; to get command of the basic methods of economic analysis and apply thereof for managerial decisions making; to gain theoretical knowledge and practical skills in evaluating firms foreign trade activities.

11 Competences to be developed:

- ability to conduct independent research
- ability to collect, analyze, organize, review and interpret data needed to solve professional problems.
- ability to use basic methods of economic analysis for managerial decisions making;
- ability to evaluate firms foreign trade activities.

12 Learning outcomes Upon successful completion of the discipline students will be able to:  

· formulate basic concepts, categories, features and factors of foreign trade activities known in the world economy;
· distinguish socially significant problems and processes in the world and national economy;
· describe principles of economic and foreign trade policy of Russia;
· explain the nature of contractual relations between participants of foreign trade activities;
· compare the existing types of contracts, tell specifics of relationship between the parties within export and import operations;
· know the nature and types of world market prices, principles of foreign trade prices formation and justification;
· analyze and use legislative documents regulating foreign trade activities;
· analyze trends of Russian and world economy development;
· identify problems in establishing optimal economic ties with domestic and foreign partners;
· apply INCOTERMS-2010.

13 Bibliography

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