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Master's Degree Programmes

Information and Communication Technologies

Applied Informatics

Applied Informatics in Analytical Economics

Applied Informatics in Information Sphere

Intellectual Systems Based on Blockchain Technology

Information Systems and Technologies

Information Systems in Information Security Technologies

Information Systems in Scientific Research

Media Production and Content Management

Information Systems and Technologies

Internet of Things

Artificial intelligence, mathematical modeling and supercomputer technologies in information systems development

Information Technology and Computer Science

Automated Data Processing and Control Systems

Decision-Making Methods and Systems

Information Security

Information Security of Automated Systems

Infocommunication technologies and systems

Engineering, Manufacturing and Construction

Automation of Technological Processes and Production

Industrial Programming

Automation of processes and production of oil and gas complex

Intelligent systems of big data acquisition and processing

Geodesy and Remote Sensing

Geodetic Support of Engineering Structures Construction


Civil engineering

Automobile Roads

Civil Engineering

Complex Mechanization of Construction

Customs and forensic examination of construction materials and products

Design, Construction and Management of Roads

Innovative Materials in Modern Construction

Technical Operation and Reconstruction of Buildings and Structures

Theory and Practice of Buildings Design

Water Supply and Sanitation

Heating, Gas Supply and Ventilation

Industrial and Civil Engineering

Production of Building Materials, Products and Structures

Forensic construction, technical and cost expertise of real estate

Information simulation in civil and urban engineering

Territorial planning and management of territory development

Engineering systems of buildings and structures

Innovative technologies of concrete and concrete mixes


Design of architectural environment

Conceptual Architectural Design of Spaces

Reconstruction and Restoration of Architectural Heritage

Theory and History of Architecture, Restoration of Architectural Heritage

Management in Technical Systems

Analysis and Synthesis of Motion Control Systems for Mechanical Objects Interacting with Different Media

Automated control and command systems

Instrument Making

Automated Systems for Receiving and Processing of Measuring Information

Land Transportation and Technological Complexes

Electrical and Electronic Systems of Ground Transportation and Technological Complexes

Agricultural Machines and Equipment

Machinery and equipment for agricultural products processing technologies

Innovative technologies and equipment of transport machine-building complexes

Machines for hoisting, transportation, construction and road equipment

Refrigerating and Cryogenic Engineering and Life Support Systems

Operation and Service of Refrigerating Engineering and Air Conditioning Systems

Electrical and Power Engineering

Technological Machines and Equipment

Machinery and technology of machine-building and artistic casting

Drive Systems

Food Production Processes and Equipment

Technologies and Machines for Non-ferrous Metals Processing with Pressure

Hydraulic, Vacuum and Compressor Equipment

Production technological processes, their development and new technologies implementation

Improvement of structural elements of oil and gas industry machinery and equipment

Technologies and machines of processing by pressure

Energy-efficient technologies in boiler construction

Energy-and resource-saving technologies of drive equipment

Metallurgical machinery and equipment

Applied Mechanics

Computational Mechanics and Computer Engineering

Design and technological support of machine-building industries

Design of Machinery and Equipment

Technological Quality Assurance of Mechanical Engineering Products

Processes of mechanical and physical-technical processing, machines and tools

Technologies and equipment of mechanical and physical-technical processing

Technological design of machine-building production

Aircrafts Engineering and Production Technologies

Mechanical Engineering

Hydraulic Systems and Thermal Power Plants of Aircraft

Welding of Oil and Gas-related Constructions

Operation of Transport and Technological Machines and Complexes

Operation and Repairation of Road Transport

Machines Maintenance and Service

Materials science and technology

Material Science, Technologies of Production and Processing of Metal Materials with Special Properties

Functional Nanomaterials

Transport Processes Technology

Logistics of Multimodal Processes

Transportation Logistics

Organization of Transportation by Road Transport

Intelligent Transport Systems

Intelligent transport system

Land Management and Cadastre

Urban Cadastre

Quality Management

Quality Management in Production and Technological Systems

Measurement and assessment of education quality

Quality management in Civil Engineering

Radio Engineering


Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology

Metal Craft Technologies

Technology and Design of Metal Craft



Light Industry Products Engineering

Design of light industry products using innovative technologies

Technologies and Equipment of Land Transport

Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Chemical Technologies

Electrochemical Processes and Corrosion Protection Technology of Oil and Gas Facilities

Biotechnical Systems and Technologies

Design of Medical and Environmental Equipment

Applied mathematics

Mathematical Modelling

Mathematical Support and Administration of Information Systems

Mathematical Support for Complex Processes and Systems Modeling


Applied Biotechnology


Technosphere safety

Environmental Safety

Labour Safety in Technosphere

Life Safety

Engineering Environmental Protection

Fire safety of industrial and social facilities

Agriculture and Veterinary

Food Products from Vegetable Raw Materials

Resource-Saving Technologies of Storage and Processing of Plant Raw Materials

Veterinary and Zootechnics


Technical Service in the Agroindustrial complex

Veterinary and sanitary expertise

Veterinary-sanitary examination and clinical-laboratory diagnostics

Aquatic Bioresources and Aquaculture

Aquaculture and Aquatic Resources

Social sciences


Organisational Psychology

Psychological Counseling and Psychotherapy

Cognitive Psychology

Psychophysiological and Clinical Psychology

Clinical Logopedia

Social Work

Trusteeship, guardianship and social and pedagogical support to substitute family

Business, Administration and Law


Accounting, Analysis and Audit

Digital Accounting and Management

Economics and Finance

Economics of Enterprises and Organizations

World Economy

Analysis of enterprise foreign economic activities

Economics of Enterprise

Financial Analysis

International Business

Advertising and Public Relations

Advertising and Communication Activities in Business

Public Relations in Public and Municipal Administration

Branding in Advertising and Public Relations


Applied Marketing

Financial Management

Organisation Management

Production Management in Construction

Project Management in Culture

Technical Competence and Quality Management of Organization in National Accreditation System

Management of Enterprise Marketing Activities

Management of Enterprise Financial Activities

Management of investment and construction activities

Finance and Credit

Corporate Finance

Taxation Management of Company

Staff Management

Labor Economics and Staff Management

Public and Municipal Administration

Public and Municipal Administration

Administration of Urban Development

Business Informatics

Information Business Analytics


Law Norms and Values

Arts and Humanities


Theory and Methodology of foreign Languages and Cultures Teaching

Comparative Cultures Studies and Innovative Strategies of Professional Communication

Media Communications

Multimedia projects producing

New media and business communications


Orthodox Culture


Conceptual Design Engineering of Environment Spaces


Professional Studies

Innovative Pedagogical Technologies in Professional Education

Professional Pedagogical Education in Physical Culture and Sport

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