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800px-Flag-of-the-Peoples-Republic-of-China-svg  the People's Republic of China

Shenyang Architecture and Civil Engineering institute

  • Civil Engineering
  • Shandong Transport University

  • Civil Engineering
  • Tranportation Organization for Road Transport
  • Don institute STU-DSTU

  • Bridges and Tunnels Construction
  • Transportation Organization for Road Transport
  • flag-uzbekistan-enl  the republic of uzbekistan

    Tashkent State Technicial University

  • Maintenance of Agricultural Machinery
  • Operartion Agricultural Machinery
  • Machines and Equipment for Food Production
  • Jizzakh Polytechnic University

  • Automated Electric Power Distribution Networks
  • Electrical and Power Systems and Networks

  • master's degree

    flag-uzbekistan-enl  the republic of uzbekistan

    Tashkent intitute of textile and light industry

  • Innovation Studies (specialization "Textile Technologies")
  • tashkent technical university

  • Tractors and Agricultural Machines
  • eng The United Kingdom

    University of the West of Scotland

  • Civil Engineering

  • Flag-of-Germany-svg the Federal Republic of Germany

    Erfurt University of Applied Sciences

  • Civil adn Power Engineering/Heating, Gas Supply and Ventillation