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Civil Engineering and Architecture Academy

On December, 16, 1943, the institution was established as Rostov Institute of Civil Engineering. In 1997 it changed its status and was named as Rostov State University of Civil Engineering. On April, 15, 2016, Don State Technical University and Rostov State University of Civil Engineering were reorganized and the Academy was given the present name.
DSTU Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture today

Civil Engineering and Architecture Academy holds the leading positions in engineering education in the South of Russia. The Academy provides its graduates with competencies in construction industry and other related fields.
More than 65% of our staff are PhDs and Doctors in Sciences. We are proud that 6 members of the Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences and 10 Honored Scientists of the Russian Federation lead their research and academic work in Civil Engineering and Architecture Academy.

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On weekdays from 8:30 to 17:00
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