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Faculty "Law"

Graduates receive a state-recognized dimloma, which enables them to apply their competencies in all law areas. Having graduated from the university, specialists can work as legal advisers, lawyers, notaries, procurators, judges, investigators.

The faculty has 6 chairs. More than 80% of the faculty academic staff are PhDs and Doctors of Sciences. They undergo regular retrainings and publish their research papers.

Modes of study: intramural, extramural (second diploma), intra-extramural.

"Legal clinic", based on the "Law faculty", provides free legal assistance for everyone. The activities of "Legal clinic" have two main strategic functions:

1) educational aimed at professional training of lawyers with a focus on the practical component;

2) social aimed at providing free legal assistance for citizens.


Civil law

Business and Commercial Law

Fundamentals of legal studies

Procedural law

Theory and History of State and Law

Law of crime and science of crime detection


“Legal clinic”

Bachelor programs: 

Jurisprudence, civil law specialization

Jurisprudence, law of crime specialization