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Faculty "IT-systems and Technologies"

Our students get quality education through undergraduate and graduate programmes preparing them for professional and academic careers in the field of information systems. Key areas of our faculty study and research activities are as follows:
  • IT management
  • Hardware and software engineering
  • Information security
  • Multimedia, e-commerce, and other platforms design
  • Raw data analysis

At the entry level, there are challenging and rewarding opportunities in systems analysis and design, project management, database administration, network management, and information security. Having successfully finished the course disciplines graduates can work as IT administrators, system analysts, applicative software engineers, automated systems designers and others. Our programs provide the foundation to succeed in these careers.

At the executive level, these competencies are fundamental to the Chief Information Officer (CIO) position which is responsible for assuring alignment between a company's IT strategy and its overall business strategy; and the Chief Operating Officer (COO) position, which is responsible for planning and prioritizing company's activities in terms of IT strategy.


  • Advanced Mathematics
  • Information Systems in Civil Engineering
  • Information Technologies
  • Cyber Security of Information Systems
  • Mathematics and Informatics
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Computer and Computer-based Systems Software