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Three reasons to choose DSTU

* HIGH QUALITY TRAINING. Every year we train more than 300 students from 35 countries according to state standards. Our teachers work according to unique methodological developments, which allow our students to learn Russian in 9-10 months at a level sufficient for
higher education programs earning at the leading Russian universities.

* DIFFERENT FORMATS OF TRAINING. We offer training in three formats - full-time, distance and blended learning, which allows you to build an individual educational trajectory more flexible.

* NOT ONLY STUDYING. Sociocultural adaptation is a very vital element of the study process. Our programme includes a lot of  activities dedicated to acquainting you with Russian culture, traditions and history. We regularly hold Days on National Cultures, where our students introduce everyone to their countries, national holidays and their culture.

International faculty provides pre-degree Russian language courses for applicants with no/insufficient Russian language.

Upon completing preparatory language course, students are expected to be ready to enter the Russian-taught degree programs at DSTU or any Russian university.

▼ How to apply

All students who have secondary school certificate or higher education diploma, can be enrolled at the International faculty without entrance examinations. All the documents are to be legalized: an apostille or stamps of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Russian Embassy.

There are 7 steps to complete admission process:


Please download the form, fill it in and e-mail to spu-48@donstu.ru


To provide the invitation letter, we require the following documents :

  • Copy of the passport (valid for at least 1.5 years before the visa issue date) and copy translated into Russian;
  • Copy of the secondary school certificate or higher education diploma (with list of records) and copy translated into Russian.

business days takes to issue the invitation by Migration department

The documents can be scanned and sent to us by email. Please note that the documents should be scanned properly in order to be readable. We will inform you about any issues with the submitted documents by email.

Once invitation letter is ready we will inform you.

You can get the original invitation letter in the  Russian Embassy or Consulate in the country of your stay.


Having received the invitation letter from DSTU, you should contact the nearest Russian Embassy or Consulate in your country and provide documents according to the Embassy requirements.


Having received the visa from the Russian Embassy or Consulate, you should inform us about your arrival date and time at least 10 days before coming to Russia.


When waiting for the invitation, PREPARE A FULL SET OF DOCUMENT to submit to the University as soon as you arrive in Russia:

  • Passport (valid for at least 1.5 years before the date of entering the Russian territory) and copy of all its pages.
  • Migration card stamped by the customs.
  • Original of the secondary school certificate or higher education diploma (legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Russian Embassy or with Apostille stamp) with subject details and its copy with a certified translation.
  • 6 passport size photos (30 x 40 mm).


Having arrived at DSTU you should submit the original documents. 

Every student must be registered at University within three days after arrival at the Russian Federation. The International students’ registration office staff will complete the registration processes.

Afterwards international students are to submit the educational credentials to Center for International Education, Consulting & Monitoring.


You are allowed to start classes when all the formal processes are finished.

  • Pay the contract fees, housing fees, medical insurance.
  • Attend a medical examination.
  • Wait for the order for your admission.
  • Begin to study.

▼ Study process

The academic year starts in September. The course duration is 10 months (a full course). Students who arrive after December 1, are expected to opt for a 1.5 year program.

or less students in a group

 We offer an intensive course of Russian as a foreign language (from elementary level) along with the degree-           related subjects also taught in Russian, inc.:

  • Engineering and IT;
  • Business and Economics;
  • Humanities;
  • Life science and Biomedicine;
  • Natural Sciences.


"Off-campus pre-degree Russian language course" is an international education model for foreign students to give them an opportunity to prepare for admission without leaving the country and alongside with studying at school or at university. The study process is implemented according to the state standards and requirements.
Our study programme bases on country and regional specifics, ICT Development Index of students’ host countries. We use effective teaching methods that have been developed by high experienced professors.
Target audience:

  • graduating class pupils,
  • bachelor students and graduates of foreign universities intending to study at Russian universities;
  • Foreigners who intend to improve their Russian language knowledge for professional purposes.

Off-campus pre-degree Russian language course features are the following:

  • students can make preparations for enrollment into a Russian university while finishing studies at school or university in their country;
  • studying at off-campus pre-degree Russian language course is more than twice cheaper than studying at full-time pre-degree Russian language course;
  • the programme allows constant interaction between the international student and the tutor and professor. Each student gets online support in mastering the learning material and provide consultancy by the experienced academicians. Students can get detailed information on the  programme and the learning process online, have answers to all their questions using chat in Russian and mediator languages 24/7;
  • the study process is conducted entirely via an online educational platform.

This format makes training much more flexible for students, it is organized according to personalized learning paths (the duration of the basic program varies from 10 to 18 months, it is also possible to study modules separately, enrollment is carried out throughout the calendar year).
Programme structure:

  • 4 main modules in Russian: introductory phonetic course, elementary; basic and first certification levels;
  • 1 module on scientific speech style. Student can choose a profile: natural science, biomedical, economic, humanitarian and engineering ones;
  • 5 elective modules in general education subjects. Students can choose from 8 subject modules: mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, history, social studies, literature and computer science;
  • 1 cultural module. This module is aimed at socio-cultural adaptation of the students.

▼ Accommodation

DSTU offers 7 dormitories fully equipped for comfortable living.

Student Services team will always be nearby to help you with any issues that you may encounter.

▼ Tuition fees

Tuition fees for the pre-degree Russian language courses + professional disciplines in the Russian language (podfak):

1 year - 110 000 rubles (full time, intramural);
1,5 years - 165 000 rubles.

Please note that the following expenses are NOT included into the tuition fee and need to be considered:

        * Medical insurance - 7 500 rubles;
        * Visa extension - 1 600 rubles;
        * State medical examination and fingerprinting - 8 500 rubles;
        * Education credentials / diploma / certificate analysis and expertise - 5 400 rubles;
        * Dormitory - approximately 14 000 per year.

▼ Contacts

Tel.: +7 (863) 238-17-83, 273-83-76 (8:30 - 16:00 Moscow time)

WhatsApp +79054260610 

E-mail: spu-48@donstu.ruinternational_faculty@mail.ru

Telegram https://t.me/dstuinternationall

Address: Rostov-on-Don, Gagarin sq. 1, room 8-508 

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