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Besides the basic study programme, our students choose additional study fields. Special attention is paid to the English language and engineering design learning. Every student has the opportunity to get a grant for the implementation of his or her ideas, develop an outstanding project jointly with a potential employer and implement it at a real production site.

Institute of Emrging Technologies "X School" offers an up-to-date programme of engineers training. The combination of basic knowledge and specializations with a unique set of related and professional skills helps to increase importance and competitiveness of young professionals in the modern labor market.

The Institute students have free access to diverse engineering facilities. Comfortable workplaces with high-performing computers and multifunctional equipment will enable to develop and implement innovative constructive solutions, apply a creative approach to cutting-edge engineering technologies implementation.

We strive to provide necessary conditions for fruitful project activities of our students. The main thing for us is to create a favorable working environment for study. X School is a place where people appreciate ideas and help to implement them. The engineer of the future is one-of-a-kind in his skills, creates new technologies, is open for cooperation with professionals all over the world.