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Faculty "Innovative Business and Management"

The faculty of Innovative Business and Management provides education enriched with knowledge and skills necessary for managers of industrial enterprises and businessmen especially in the field of marketing, finance, operational and strategic management, enterprise logistics, etc.

The faculty develops strong international relations with universities and schools in both educational and scientific area. To maximize graduate employability, all programmes incorporate workshops, project-based learning, in-company training and research projects. All educational courses of the faculty are designed in close cooperation with Russian and foreign commercial companies and include major work placements requirements of commercial and public enterprises.

Within the period of study students get competences for strategic and operational activities in competitive companies and enterprises as well as starting their own business.


  • Accounting, Analysis and Audit
  • Marketing and Engineering Economics
  • Management and Business Technologies
  • Global Economics and International Economic Relations
  • Economics
  • Economics and Management
  • Economic Security, Accounting and Law

  • Bachelor programs

    • International Economy and Business
      • International Economy and International Business
      • Banking in the national and world economy
    • Economy and Management
      • Economy of an Enterprise
      • Economy of small and medium business
      • Organization Management
      • Small Enterprises Management
    • Marketing and Engineering Economy
      • Marketing   
      • Anti-Crisis Management
    • Economy
      • Commerce
      • Logistics in Trade