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Denis Dubover

Dean, associate Professor, PhD

From 2003 to 2009, he studied at the Faculty of Philology and Journalism of Southern Federal University, and received Bachelor's and Master's degrees in journalism.

In 2009, he entered postgraduate study of the Faculty “Psychology” of Southern Federal University. In 2013, he successfully defended his PhD thesis in the specialty 13.00.01 "General pedagogy, history of pedagogy and education" on the topic "Peculiarities of the formation and development of full-day schools in Russia and Germany: a comparative analysis."

In 2011, Denis Dubover became a member of the Union of Full Day Schools of Germany.

From 2014 till now he is a member of the Association of Media Education Specialists of Russia.

In 2016, he received a letter of thanks from the Minister of General and Vocational Education of the Rostov Region.

Media tutor, methodologist of the project work of students, author of the course "Culture of media consumption" on the Stepik.org platform, researcher of the problems of media education and media and information literacy.


2007 - Southern Federal University, Bachelor’s degree

2009 Southern Federal University, Master’s degree

2012 - Southern Federal University, postgraduate study

2013 - Southern Federal University, PhD defense

2017 - Moscow School of Management Skolkovo

2019 – Don State Technical University, additional training in the field of Pedagogy

Disciplines taught

Research Workshop

Media literacy

Production of periodicals