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Faculty "Civil and Industrial Engineering"

Today the Faculty continues its long academic tradition of providing students with a strong scientific grounding in core subjects. It also offers an innovative syllabus with solid foundations in a wide variety of sub-disciplines and focuses on the sustainability of both the natural and built environments.

 Our graduates gain vital professional skills that can be employed in both the domestic and increasingly globalized job markets. Some of the courses on offer include: Civil and Environmental Engineering, Urban Development, Theory and practice of buildings engineering and construction and others.

 Nowadays the faculty comprises 8 chairs and offers Bachelor, Master and Specialist programs.  Our graduates influence the future through innovative design and construction of new infrastructure in Russia and around the world.


  • Reinforced concrete and stone constructions
  • Metal, wooden and stone constructions
  • Building construction
  • Structural resistance
  • Engineering geology, primary structures and footings
  • Unique buildings and constructions Engineering
  • Urban engineering and facilities
  • Construction operations technologies
  • Foreign languages
  • Engineering mechanics


  • Theory and practice of buildings and constructions engineering
  • Theory and practice of organizational and economic decisions
  • Technical operation and reconstruction of buildings and constructions


  • Construction of High-Rise and Large-Span Buildings and Structures