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Faculty "Aircraft Engineering"

Aircraft engineering is concerned with design, engineering and testing of helicopters and other aircraft vehicles as well as aircraft industry management. Students develop and test different kinds of flying machines, have practice placement at helicopter and airplanes plants and have competencies in such areas as structures, propulsion systems, vehicle movement and control, communications and overall vehicle design.

Faculty graduates are open minded, creative, capable to work in new technical trends and to solve engineering problems of aerodynamics, flight mechanics and robotics. They are successful in their professional careers as designers, engineers, service technicians, researchers and experts in both state and private sectors of the aircraft industry.
The core educational department of the Aircraft Engineering faculty is established and implemented in cooperation with world-wide known helicopter corporation “Russian helicopters”.


  • Aircraft Engineering
  • Heat engineering and Applied Hydromechanics
  • Technical Operation of Aircrafts and Ground Equipment
  • Production Technologies of Special-Purpose Aviation Complexes

  • Bachelor programs

  • Aircraft Engineering
  • Helicopter Engineering
  • Heat engineering and applied hydromechanics
  • Refrigeration technology air conditioning systems

  • Master programs

  • Machine Engineering
  • Heat and Power Processes in Life Support Systems of Flying Machines and Their Engines

  • PHD program

  • hermophysics and theoretical thermomechanics