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DSTU today
Don State Technical University is the biggest, hi-tech and fast developing scientific and educational establishment in the South of Russia. We implement lifelong learning strategy that enables students of various ages and professional background to find educational programme that will cover their needs. Being one of the leaders in Russian education we offer innovative programmes that enable our graduates to succeed in the rapidly changing global economy, we successfully create opportunities for international exchange with foreign institutions for both students and academic staff, our research divisions do high quality, ground-breaking research that has an impact on thinkers, policymakers, and business leaders world-wide.

Over 40 000 of our students study more than 370 Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD and MBA educational programs. 70% of these programmes are technical and engineering ones that are in high demand nowadays.

The infrastructure of the university includes a big campus with 20 educational buildings, 7 dormitories, 4 research centres and 30 scientific and technical laboratories, sport complexes with a swimming pool, stadiums, gyms and athletic arena, a student park of 13 hectares, an Exhibition and Convention Centre, the Great Holy Martyr Tatiana church, recreation centres for students and staff.

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history of success
Today DSTU
>45 000
1 250
Doctors of sciences
100 000
Don State Technical University takes a special place in the educational field in the South of Russia.

thousand students study at DSTU now

One of our main innovative goals is integration of educational processes and professional labour activities through creation of joint departments in cooperation with research and industry. We are proud of our 9 joint business-oriented departments established in partnership with the largest Russian and international corporations.

Don State Technical University is one of the biggest international educational centres in Russia. Every year more than 1 000 students from 58 countries come to DSTU to get their education.

Wherever you are and whatever education you would like to get - you are always welcome in DSTU!

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