8 800100-19-30

Information Technology and Computer Science

Automation and a Administration of Technological Processes and Production

Information Systems and Processes

Mathematical Modeling, Numerical Computing and Programs’ Complexes

Systems of Computer-aided Engineering

Language and Literature Studies

Comparative, Historical, Typological Language Studies

Physics and Astronomy

Condensed Matter Physics

Thermophysics and Theoretical Thermal Engineering

History and Archeology

Documentation, Document Science, Archivation

National History

Mathematics and Mechanics

Dynamics and Strength of Machines, Instruments and Devices

Material, Complex and Functional Analysis

Mechanics of Deformable Solids

Earth Sciences



Economic theory

Economics and national economy management (branch-wise)

Production Organization (Manufacturing Industry, Transport, Service Industry)

Education and Pedagogical Science

General Pedagogics, History of Pedagogics and Education

Theory and Methodology of Professional Training

Machine Engineering

Hoisting-and-Transport, Building, Road Machines

Machine Science, Drive Systems and Machine Parts

Optoelectronics, Instrument Engineering, Optical and Biotechnical

Instruments and Measurement Methods (in Different Fields of Measurement)

Technosphere Safety

Labor Safety

Material Technology

Material Engineering (Machine Engineering)

Metal Science and Heat Treating of Metals and Alloy Materials

Powdery Metallurgy and Compositional Materials

Systems and Technologies

Philosophy, Ethics and Religion Studies

Philosophy of Science and Engineering

Social Philosophy

Technologies, Mechanical Equipment and Power Equipment of Rural, Forest and Fish Industries

Technologies and Maintenance Support in Agriculture

Technologies and Mechanical Equipment of Agriculture