8 800100-19-30

Natural sciences

Earth and related environmental sciences

Aerospace Research of the Earth. Photogrammetry


Engineering Geology, Geocryology and Soil Science

Physical sciences

Physics of Condensed State

Engineering and Technology

Civil engineering

Bases and Foundations. Underground Structures

Buildings and Structures

Construction Materials and Products

Design and Construction of Roads, Subways, Airports, Bridges and Transport Tunnels

Ecological Safety of Construction and Urban Economy

Engineering of Water Supply, Sewerage, Water Resources Protection Systems

Mechanics in Civil Engineering

Technology and Organisation of Construction

Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Lighting, Gas and Heat Supply

Computer and Information sciences

Chemical engineering

Social sciences

Social and economic geography

Urban Planning, Rural Settlement Planning

Humanities and Arts


General Architecture. Creative Concepts of Architectural Activities

Theory and History of Architecture, Restoration of Historical and Architectural Heritage

History and archaeology