8 800100-19-30

Economy and Management

Mass Media

Information Technology and Computer Science

Light Industry Technology

Art Materials Working Technology

Light industry Products Engineering

Administration in Engineering Systems

Machine Engineering

Machinery and Technologies of Land Transport

Operation of Transport and Technological Machines and Complexes


Electronics, Radio Engineering and Communication Systems

Infocommunication Technologies and Systems


Electrical and Thermal Engineering

Chemical Technologies

Technosphere Safety

Instrument Engineering

Biotechnical Systems and Technologies

Instrument Engineering

Material Engineering

Language and Literature Studies

History and Archeology

Records Management and Archive Science

Industrial Ecology and Biotecnologies

Plant-Based Food Products

Aircraft and Space Engeneering

Aircraft industry

Service and Tourism

Education and pedagogics

Information Security

Mathematical and Natural Science

Nanotechnologies and Nanomaterials


Psychological Science

Physics and Astronomy

Social Science and Work

Physics, Technical Sciences and Technologies

Refrigerating and Cryogenic Engineering and Life Support Systems

Computer and information Science

Software and Information Systems Administration

Physical Education and Sport

Physical Education

Rural, forest and Fish industry

Aquatic Bioresources and Aquaculture