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International Education and Tuning Center

International Education and Tuning Center was opened in 2013. It is one of 12 Tuning Centers created in the framework of Tuning Russia Project.


Tuning methodology implementation at the levels:

·  local - university study programmes design and delivery;

·  regional and national by networking with other regional and Russian institutions on study programmes design and delivery;

·  international - double diploma and joint study programmes design and delivery.


- Networking cooperation and institutional partnership with Tuning Academy and Tuning Centers, European and Russian universities;

- Tuning methodology and best European practices dissemination;  

- Modules and courses based on Tuning methodology implementation;

- Methodological support for double degree and joint programmes realization.


September, 28, 2016 Training workshop “Quality Assurance of Study Programmes in the European Higher Education Area”

Online documentation of the quality assurance of study programmes

Mechanisms of Quality assurance European trends, formats and technologies

September, 21 – 22, 2016 Training workshop “Validation of non-formal/informal Learning”

Staff to perform recognition (skills), examples from European universities, challenges

Introduction to conceptual aspects to validation of non-formal and informal learning EU practices including legal framework (European, national, institutional)"

May, 20, 2016 Training workshop “European approach to study programmes development” by prof. D. Kennedy (University College Cork, Ireland)

Learning outcomes: The International Language for describing programmes in Higher Education Institutions

How do we design Programmes at Third Level using Learning Outcomes within the Bologna Framework?

March, 23-24, 2016 Training workshop “Master and PhD competence-based programmes development” by prof. A. Vickers (University of Essex, England)

Modernisation of Higher Education

Competence-based PhD and Masters programmes development: Modernization, Quality Assurance and Transparency

Publications by prof. D. Kennedy

Additional materials